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We all know that proper marketing plays an imperative role in the success of a business. Too often do companies fail to reach their full potential due to poor advertising and less than sufficient exposure via traditional mediums as well as an absolute presence online. Torch Marketing Group ensures that your business will never fall short in the marketing department.

Torch Marketing Group offers your company a personal, unique approach to advertisement that caters to the specific needs of your business. By working closely with clients, we take time to learn every detail of your company’s marketing goals. Together, we determine the best route to providing your company its most effective marketing plan.

Our Vision

What makes Torch Marketing Group unique is our uncanny ability to develop creative work that is appealing to both you and your consumers. We take pride in our work and assure that the utmost careful thought is driven into each advertising endeavor. We embrace any and every marketing challenge using an approach that attacks all possible angles. Torch Marketing Group cleverly utilizes all outlets of advertising, including, but not limited to TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Internet and promotional exposure.

Website Development

Search Engine Optimization

Brand Discovery

Email Marketing

Radio Spot Advertising

Print and Brochure Design

Common Questions

What is the monthly cost of the website?

We are asked on a daily basis how much does a website cost… and it really is a very hard question to answer. Imagine if you asked a builder how much does a house cost or how much does “a car” cost? This will all depend on how much will go into the development of the site and what you need the site to do for you and how it will function. Do you want to sell things on line? This would be eCommerce or do you want a simple 5 page information based site, do you want it fully custom or are we using a template platform to build on? Either way we are always fair, we would love to discuss your goals and desires and we want you to be excited to business with as as well as us be excited about your project.

Will the website be on top of Google search results?

To earn top rankings on the search engines you need to make certain that your website is built right and has Search Engine Optimization tactics in place. This is a contentious on going process as your competitors are always vying for top rankings. We are SEO experts and only practice white hat rules and adhere to search engine rules when practicing our methodology. The wrong SEO practices could cause your site to be black listed and it will never be found in online search. Please read our section of the site on SEO.

What about the hosting and domain name?

If you do not already have a domain name we can help you choose one that will work best for your business and for your user base as well as the search engines. We have our own servers that we only host our clients on. We also make sure that everything on our servers is secure to minimize risk of our clients being hacked all while providing daily backups and monitored service.

Is it hard to understand and maintain the website?

Websites can be built many different ways to allow clients to have a large amount of control to change pictures, update content or even post career openings. Many websites are built with a CMS  (Content Management System) which will allow clients to make their own changes. We again are also very fair and sometimes when it will take a client an hour to do something it is better served to have us do it for you in 15 minutes.

What is the length of the contract?

We do not build websites and hold you to a contract that makes you stay with us for a duration of time. However if you only want us to build a website for you and then never talk to you again and not be your online partner that will always be a click or call away, helping you to better your online exposure and success. We might not be the best fit for you.

Do you have suitable images for the website?

When it come to imagery for the site we are happy to use any of our clients supplied imagery and we also use a blend of stock photography that is purchased for the site with the clients approval.

Still have a question to ask?

We are always next to our computers and online to help you!

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