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We make unforgettable digital experiences.

Torch offers you a fresh approach with current Internet and traditional marketing fulfillment, with as much emphasis, if not more, on Search Engine Marketing, along with stand out from the clutter, traditional advertising.

What we do

We make smart and attractive websites.

Don’t let customers slip away because they can’t figure out how to use your website. With superior architecture, navigation and graphic design, we bring your users’ experience, and your conversion rate, to a new level.​


Website Development

We understand that each web project has its own unique set of challenges and goals, so we’ve come up with a multi-step process that lets us deliver the highest quality web design for our clients.

Graphic / Brand Design

While there are differences between internet marketing and traditional marketing, your logo and print materials goals are very similar: To drive your audience to take action.


Featured Work

Barstool Designs

Barstool Designs is an eCommerce company that sells high-end customizable bar stools and outdoor furniture. They have excellent cross-browser visibility, an intuitive online shopping platform, and an excellent presence in Google Ads. 

Summit Design + Build

Summit Design + Build has quickly grown to be one of Chicago’s smartest, most innovative general contractors and construction management firms by focusing on one key proposition: building spaces where people & business thrive.

Weinstein Meats

WWM is a full-service distributor and purveyor of beef, pork, lamb and poultry. Our products are received in every Midwestern state and several major hubs in the southern and eastern U.S.


SeedSlate is military-grade paper that can resist heat up to 350 degrees, it is tear-proof, waterproof, and it repels grease, solvents and chemicals. Safely store your seed phrase in a fire proof safe on a SeedSlate.

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